Motivation Design

Motivation and User Experience Analyst, Engagement and Gamification Designer, Localization Specialist (Finnish)

I listen to people and understand their intentions and tell them why what they are upto is awesome.

I design the core mechanics of a meaninful service interaction, considering user motivations in every state of engagement.

I am a combined motivation analyst and engagement designer, cognitive scientist, and anthropologist.

In addition to software localizations (from English, German, and Swedish to Finnish), I also do usability analyses of services, websites, and mobile applications, identifying user interaction problems and suggesting solutions, with desired scope, granularity, and ease of technical implementability.

If you need a consultant or language specialist for hire, ask me!

Working Methods

I find out the (lack of) motivation of your users, customers. or employees, related to the value you provide for them or tasks you want them to do. Then, I redesign the core service or workflow interaction, together with your domain specialists, graphic and/or user interfaces designers, increasing the engagement and motivational energy related to the service activities.

Best results can be achieved with an iterative development process and fine tuning of the interaction and feedback mechanisms. But great improvements can also be achieved, with one-time redesign and removal the worst pitfalls.

As a consultant, I use a combination of methods from cognitive science, anthropology, game/gamification design, user-experience design, and human–computer interaction, grained with positive psychology.

Do not hesitate to contact me about your challenges, goals, and projects, so we can see, if there is anything I could do for you. I would be really interested to understand your situation and help you to improve it.