Experience & Motivation Design

Machine Learning Application, AI, and GPGPU Hardware Junior Specialist

Lately I have been involved with and/or can provide image & video colorization, dataset wrangling, image data optimization, and related linux hacking.

I can also inform you about artificial intelligence, consciousness, emotions, and related cognitive science.

For more, see my 2017 white paper on Towards Modeling of Flow and Motivation: Exploring Affordances, Gamification, and Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

Motivation and User Experience Analyst

I listen to people and understand their intentions and tell them why what they are upto is awesome.

Experience, Engagement and Gamification Designer

I take the perspective of service users/customers and design an uplifting experience narrative. Personas can be used to capture different user/customer segments.

I design the core mechanics of a meaninful service interaction, taking user experiences and motivations into account in every state of engagement narrative.

I am a combined motivation and experience analyst and engagement designer, cognitive scientist, and anthropologist.

Localization Specialist

Finnish ← Engish, German, Swedish, Russian

In addition to software localizations (from English, German, Swedish, and Russian to Finnish), I also do usability analyses of services, websites, and mobile applications, identifying user interaction problems and suggesting solutions, with desired scope, granularity, and ease of technical implementability.

If you need a consultant or language specialist for hire, look no further!

User Perspective

I find out the (lack of) motivation of your users, customers. or employees, related to the value you provide for them or tasks you want them to do. Then, I redesign the core service or workflow interaction, together with your domain specialists, graphic and/or user interfaces designers, increasing the engagement, motivational and experiential energy related to the activities within the services or product.

Educational Background

As a consultant, I use a combination of methods from cognitive science, anthropology, game/gamification design, user-experience design, and human–computer interaction, grained with positive psychology and mindful situation awareness.

If there is something I can do for you, contact me and let us see if I can help.